6 thoughts on “Either I’m a sexist swine”

  1. In many species the male is more vibrant & attractive than the female. Human males tend to have curlier hair and longer eyelashes. I’ve always thought women needed the added edge of make-up in the mating/dating game. Jim already uses the skin care products that I recommended to him BUT if I met a man in the office wearing make-up, I’d probably assume he’s gay or a dork. So I guess that makes me a sexist swine too.

  2. Gee Loki, I wonder if “make-up for men” has entered the theatrics of the courtroom in high profile criminal cases!! LOL!!!

  3. Debbie, most of the people I represented should have been wearing clown makeup. Or was it the pudges should have………..

  4. Hullo…men have been wearing makeup for ages! It’s just that more men are wearing them in public, and in business situations these days. I am not talking about drag queens exclusively here. Coming into the French Revolution, all men of status powdered wigs and faces, wore rouge, lipstick, and kohl to enhance brows.
    What is war paint if not makeup?
    For that matter, camo face is a form of makeup also. Those black marks under football players eyes are not from a heavy night of drinking the night before.
    Theatrical makeup has been with men since the theatre began.
    I was seeing makeup on men’s faces in the business district of Toronto in 1990. I doubt that they were gay, they were just putting their best faces forward. It was incredibly subtle, and possibly only visible to a trained eye, but it was there.
    You can’t tell me that you haven’t noticed our prime ministers with faces made up for the press over the last 20 years at least. Oh, maybe that is considered ‘theatre’?…
    Here in Madawaska there is a fella who, when he gets tanked, puts on a face and goes to town. It is rather garish, I suspect he is missing his mommy in some kind of strange way. Around here we all know Billy is in his cups, and no one double takes.

  5. Hello? Does anyone remember the 1980’s? Duran Duran etc all wore as much makeup as any women I knew then. There were a couple of straight guys who wore at least eyeliner (if not more) in my high school – in a small town in the Yukon, no less, not some major urban factory of cool…

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