13 thoughts on “For Chipper, Loki, Robof9 and Dave D. and any redheads I missed.”

  1. Got news for them…the British Isles isn’t the only place where there is a (negative) connotation or two associated with having red hair.
    Next time I apply for a JOB it will be as a visible minority. Most visible (can be seen across a football field) and only 2% of the international population, definity a smaller minority than anything that is currently included in that definition.
    I love the feisty thing. People insist that red haired people are evil tempered, and then provoke and harass to make it so. Most redheads I know are smart and funny, and not particularly difficult to get along with.

  2. My ex-husband Spence has Strawberry Blonde hair AND I must admit he has an explosive temper. Do you remember that Allegra?

  3. I never was on the receiving end of his temper, but he sure made me crack up with how inappropriate he was. Then again, I’m pretty inappropriate.

  4. Temper is not attached to hair colour. I know many more explosive tempers who have other colours of hair than red. And is strawberry blond red, or is it indeed blond?
    Temper tends to be attached to immaturity OR brain chemical imbalance.

  5. I don’t recall being harassed or made fun of when I had red hair, but then I probably wouldn’t have noticed anyway, being very thick that way. I do have a bit of a temper when driving.

  6. Hey Loki, try being short and female, as well as having red hair. A lot of people find great delight in trying to push me around. IF I had a camera, it would be easy to see that what I say is so, and not my imagination.
    It was interesting…while I was attached to a tall dark haired man (who, by the way, had an explosive temper) the general public treated me much differently. I did not have the prodding and pushing, because it was assumed that he would defend me. As soon as he was out of the picture it started all over again.
    It was also interesting to see how people responded to his words of authority or mine. His were taken at face value; he was never the owner here. Mine are often questioned. I even studied the presentation of the words; he claimed I was far too polite. I studied physical stance.
    I was assaulted here once in front of about 30 clients, at which point I raised my voice and shamed the man. Had I been a man, the assault would have never occurred. I am sure that the mental picture everyone took away was that I was a ‘feisty redhead’.
    Road rage is also not specific to hair colour…

  7. Chipper, I think Spencer was definately both immature AND had some kind of brain chemical imbalance — at the very least he was ADHD. Not that this is an entirely bad thing. I know a few ADHD adults who are very enterprizing, appropriate, likable, pillars of the community — they have higher thought processing speed and the energy to back it up.

    Also, if it is true that red-heads are bullied more through out their childhood, it may affect their self-confidence. On the other hand, some red-heads might become fiestier when bullied (I’m thinking Chipper got fiestier).

    As far as single women versus married women, there is no doubt (in my experience) that society as a whole views married women with more respect. I couldn’t believe the difference once my credit cards said Mrs Deb …… — it was an entire different level of respect. And, I swear the 4 years I lived with Spence, compared to the 4 years I was married to him were exactly the same to me. A woman with a man at her side commands the same respect in public.

    And, yes Allegra, Spence could certaiinly be inappropriate (a topic for another time).

  8. Debbie, I don’t think that self defence is feisty. I think laying back and being run over is pathetic, whether it is a man or woman defending him/herself from either.
    Perhaps that in itself makes me feisty.
    People have taught me everything I know about how they can be. Ask Allegra. Actually, every man I have been with for any period of time has taken pride in toughening me up, because my willingness to get along was taken for something else.
    I came in to this world a loving/caring, happy, self responsible person, who took years to dish out what she got. I still give people credit until they prove they don’t deserve it.
    I was tormented as a child for my red hair, smarts, and plumpness. I rarely fit the societal norm. It used to bug me. Now I like it A LOT. Or as I also say, the only thing average about me is my height/weight and shoe size.

  9. Chipper, I didn’t mean to offend you. I meant it as a compliment. My friend Brenda was 5’1″ tall and under 100 lbs (she did not have red hair to toughen her up, she had 5 brothers). One night after a night out with her and her husband, Spence wanted to drive home drunk. Brenda started walking towards him telling him what he was not going to do until Spence was pressed against the wall saying “OK, OK”. Besides finding a 5’1″ female starring down a 6’2″ male hilarious, I was proud of Brenda for this and many other such occasions.

  10. Chipper, I hoped you charged the person that assaulted you AND what were the other 30 people doing to help? By the way, I have brown hair and am 5’10”. This doesn’t mean that some inappropriate people haven’t thought they could get away with verbal abuse. Somewhere along the line I started to stick up for myself as well. I am surprised by the statistics about red heads. By looking at the children in our community there aren’t many red heads, but there are a lot of grown up woman with red hair (dyed of course).

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