5 thoughts on “From Cousin Gerald”

  1. It is valuable to see the perspectives of non-linear thinkers. One wonders about the criteria used, although intuitively the placement of various countries on this map seems good. I looked at Cousin Gerald’s other non-traditional maps as well, and had my head jerked around a few times – always a good thing.

  2. Wow! Impressive map BUT an short explanation wouldn’t hurt OR we look at it, we think about it and we look at it again later, hopefully with better clarity.

  3. So based on Cousin Gerald’s map, what would be the best country to live in? At first I was going to say Canada and then I thought probably Sweden.

  4. Allegra, are you basing this on Cousin Gerald’s map? I see Canada and Sweden are very close for self-expression, BUT Sweden has higher values for Secular-Rational.

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