7 thoughts on “Homemade response to the Honda Cog commercial”

  1. If I were not enchanted by this I would suggest to its creators to get a life.

  2. Nautilus3, maybe they live in Ontario and are trying to find a way to pass the time because it’s too cold and rainy to enjoy any outdoor activities! LOL!!!

  3. Having no tv feed, and being on dialup, I have no idea what the Honda Cog commercial might be. And when it started, I thought I had seen this before, but NOT! That is the best Crazy Clock I have ever seen! It’s nice to see that physics and engineering students are doing something other than juggling these days.

  4. ’bout a million years ago. Search for it on Youtube, it should still be there.

  5. Found it! Cute, but I prefer the homemade version. It has more ingenuity and suspense.
    Can’t imagine how Honda got people to watch 2 minutes of commercial in general release. That must have been shown in movie theatres before the feature.

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