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  1. The roof of the building where I currently live, yes. It’s too painful looking at the old house because we had to cut down that big walnut tree, and it was one of the biggest trees in the neighbourhood…

  2. I’m so glad to hear you ‘like maps’. Everyone should strive to be as geographically literate as possible these days. Our world will be better off for it.

    Cartographically yours,


  3. I most heartily concur. Anybody who visited us at the old place would have noticed the world map and the local topo map we had on the walls in the living and dining room. Hard to have a meaningful discussion of geopolitics without a map.

  4. That’s because of military considerations. You didn’t know they play war games in Algonquin Park, did you? Oops, now everyone knows…

  5. Yes, it could be military considerations. It could also be population density – seems to apply in a lot of the rest of the world – they do film strips of the highest density population areas first. Between when I first got GoogleEarth and last year, the resolution in my area increased enough to show my roof. earlier, I could barely make out Mount Douglas Park. Check out any place in Saskatchewan; mostly low resolution except for the cities.

  6. Type Area 51 in the search window and you’ll see that place in Nevada that the US government says ‘doesn’t exist’.

  7. Starkg, I looked at “Area 51” in google earth. There are definately some sort of structures there, but the resolution isn’t clear enough to make them out.

  8. Debbie:

    You could try tweaking the settings on your monitor. Failing that, just hang tough for a while because since Google has acquired ImageAmerica, future imagery using ‘Google Earth’ views should improve greatly.

  9. Starkg, looking forward to these improvements. I wonder if Google earth will ever have live feed so we can see cars and people walking around? As far as Area 51, “future imagery will improve …” or the US government may start blacking out areas in the interest of “National Security”.

  10. Debbie:

    The US military has had technology for many years that is capable of seeing real time motion via satellite feeds. Unfortunately, the rest of us will have to wait for this type of viewing performance.

  11. Well Google Earth is still really cool AND I was just thinking of ways to keep an eye on my daughter (only kidding).

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