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  1. I love this stuff — it is absolutely fascinating. Aligns with some of our recent reading material (The 7 Daughters of Eve, 1491 New Revelations of the Americas Before columbus & Eat Right for Your Type (4 Blood Types, 4 diets)). Thanks Allegra.

  2. I have serious reservations about the science behind the Eat right 4 your blood type, but Chipper for one has benefitted greatly from it so I can’t argue that there’s SOMETHING in it.

  3. The first two books were recommended by friends. The third book was sent to me by Brenda as she thought it might help with the CFS. When Brenda had just started Chemo she said to me “Debbie I am so tired” and then she surmised “that this must be how you (Debbie) feel every single day”. I almost cried. Here she has cancer and I am worried beyond belief about her well being and SHE’s thinking how bad I must feel with CFS.

    I was fascinated by the dispersal of the human population and the evolution of blood types in this book BUT have not tried the diet part of the book — I already have an extremely complex diet with all my food allergies.

  4. the blood type diet will make most of your allergies disappear probably. Important for you to get the secretor test if you have lots to begin with. I never knew what gave me hives until I started this. It also made 25 years of back pain disappear in short order. The older I got the more problems I was having metabolically, and this has taken care of most of them. It does not happen overnight though, of course.

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