5 thoughts on “the robots just keep getting better”

  1. This is a crApple quicktime video, so unless you have quicktime or nero showtime or some equivalent installed on your computer it won’t play. Also it is a fairly large file, so if you are on dial up it will take a long time to download.

  2. That’s funny. It worked great on my Mac. Check eurekalert.org about two days back and see if the university posted it in a different file format. It’s one powerfully bizarre video. I kept rooting for the robot. Lift your leg, lift your leg. Good robodog!!!

  3. Yeah, you’re ahead of the crowd with your Mac, Allegra. My poor windows operating system is so cumbersome, it’s like a 4 cylinder car (3 cylinders working) driving through the Rockies — you wonder if it’s going to make it up the next incline. … And it keeps getting worse with each new release of windows … But it’s not my internet, I have the highest speed available, I lack the Quicktime software. I’m always sad when I have to figure out how to download new software — why, why can’t the world be simple!!

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