7 thoughts on “It’s been bally ages since I posted a decent moose story”

  1. If I should ever hit a deer or moose, I would be thankful to have a clergy available to give last rights to the stricken animal. When I am driving, I am just as mindful of deer, wolves, turtles & bunnies as I am of small children, dogs and other cars AS I would be mortified if I was responsible for the injury or death of any living creature. I like to think I would be able to lift an injured deer into my car and take it to the vet.

  2. Upon further thought, I think I would need the assistance of at least one other person. After all, I can’t lift my own dog witout help and he weights 30 Kg.

  3. Living by a forest and feeding birds, we get rats, tree and otherwise. I always apologize to them when I drown them. I suspect my lethality is the remains of a somewhat-Calvinist upbringing (ie, the fowl of the air and so forth were put there for mankind to use) and my talking them through the process is the remains of exposure in an anthropology class to the practice of some of the First Nations people of thanking their prey for letting themselves become food. In other words I am conflicted, ambiguous and otherwise irrational. It’s part of my charm.

    Incidentally it is legal in this municipality to live-trap varmints (an Appalachian corruption of vermin) and kill them humanely. Drowning is fine…they tell me they don’t like it, but it’s soon over.

  4. I can see needing to rids ones property of rats. I’m not sure I could actually touch one in order to drown it. You are made of tougher stuff than I Nautilus3! My mother is very nonchalant about all of these things too, but I figure it’s because she was brought up on a farm WHERE tough choices were routinely made.

  5. My part of the task doesn’t involve touching them, only in carrying them – in the live trap by its handle – to the place of immolation. It is the task of another to dispose of the corpse.

  6. Nautilus3, in our house the entire task, from trap setting to rat drowning & rat disposal would be assigned to Jim. I once saw a 1.5 foot black rat in front of Humber college IN THE DARK while walking to my car. It just stared at me AND finally I moved slowly, but determined-like to the car. I was never so scared in my whole life!!!

  7. I remember crossing King Street in T.O. just after dawn one fall morning and thinking “That’s a funny looking cat!” before I realized that it was the biggest GD rat I’d ever seen in my life. If I’d been any close to the critter I probably would have peed myself in sheer terror. BIG RAT.

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