One of the effects of Pride Day was a kink (very funny…) in my right shoulder from helping carry the banner.  However, Mike has been here and after he doused me in grapeseed oil and worked on me for about half an hour, I felt much better and got up this morning with everything from my foot feeling less numb (unexpected bonus!) to much less pain elsewhere.  He also brought my guitar back from Baumfest, which was almost two weeks ago.

We started the evening at Simba’s on Edmonds because Dosza Hut was closed for kitchen renos…. a drag as both of us had a major dosa jones…. but the meal at Simba’s, including Kenyan Tusker Beer, was a sensory delight in a very peaceful and humane setting…  Best of all was being served by an Asian woman in a dashiki. Welcome to Vancouver, please check your tired old expectations at the door.

Someplace in Chinatown Mike scored a traditional chinese jacket with frog closings and traditional style pants – in fatigued jeans material.  The overall effect is so “Serenity” that it has to be seen to be appreciated.  Especially with that ‘red flag to a bull’ do-rag.  And the long hair. Oh, and he’s clean shaven now, for those who care.  He took a week off his unfulfilling in the extreme McJob and is relaxed.
Now that my resemblance to a human being has been improved so much, I think I’ll go to work and do something remunerative for my efforts.

I bought a camera (and two gigs of SD and other camera accoutrements and a cutting board and a proper paring knife) last night before Mike called.  I had been on the verge of going home, feeling very lonely because the previously made plans to go into New West didn’t fly, and then…. a friend with a convertible shows up.