Impressionist and post Impressionist art

So Katie K and I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery (odd to go there when there’s no zombies, protesting or dope smoking) and saw the current exhibit which I highly recommend. I almost started crying in front of a Van Gogh – it was SO EMOTIONAL and the difference between the painting and any reproductions is very startling.  I spent a LONG time in front of Tissot’s Specimen of a Portrait and ended up buying a print of it in the gift shop.  The lace on the dress is unreal.  Picasso’s “Life” is worth seeing in life.  There were some Rodin sculptures that just had me shaking my head.  After all this time, his Balzac is still an amazing bloody feat.
Then to Granville for sashimi and Asahi beer and Katie K had plum wine.  Then we poked our heads in to a couple of clothing stores, including Bedo, but there’s no goddamned way I’m spending 40 bucks on something so poorly made!!!  It was a cute top but the seams were a disaster.  I bought a couple of nose thingies for daughter Katie from a street vendor.
Lots of ear flapping.  Katie K is going off to see her mum sometime next week… who is rapidly recovering from a stroke, out in the wilds of Maine.

I did my back exercises this morning but I hurt worse now than I did then. That probably has more to do with standing and gawking at pictures than the exercises.