three dreams and a sadness

Having a fever gives you spooky dreams – in my case I had three marvellous, technicolor dreams, loaded with symbolism and humour.

1. I am standing on a stage in a tight white light, singing a U2 song a capella in three part harmony with Jim E and Brian C. All of a sudden Jim E and I quit singing and starting looking around wildly. Without our having seen or noticed, Brian C has grabbed a stage rope and slid up into the rafters. After a minute we hear him killing himself laughing and as swiftly as he disappeared he reappears on stage and we resume our song.

2. I am with a bunch of friends (which includes Mike M and there may have been others but I don’t remember) visiting a Cosplay Superstore in Northern Ontario. (Note, there was a Cosplay/Anime convention here on the weekend and it got downright visual around these parts). I say to the incredibly fruity, over the top, fetish laden and IMMENSE German guy who runs the place why Northern Ontario and he doesn’t answer me, but he says you can find us on the internet at and don’t forget the umlauts over the u’s. I leave the rooms full of costumes (which are JAMMED with people) after looking longingly at the hippo costume (there’s a mother and baby hippo ensemble which is beyond words cyuuute) and find a room with really tall windows and very beautiful drapes, which have floral patterns. There’s a steady breeze blowing in and I play with the drapes for a while, flapping them around. Eventually Mike M loops back and picks me up – he has an immense bag of purchases and looks quite pleased.

3. I am cleaning up a bunch of potsherds and dirt, trying to recover what is useful, and I find a magic seedling. I take it to a friend who has since moved to the States (LJ) to ask her for her advice about repotting it, which she helps me with.

All in all a splendid way to pass a night.

Jim E’s dog Lucy has gone to Doggie Heaven. Life is full of transitions and the sad ones are part of it. I light a candle for him.