Bridge report

I’m wearing fancy underwear, and you’re likely not.

Oh, is this thing on?  Tap tap tap.

The above noted link is a webcam to where a bridge will be removed and replaced in 14 hours, someplace in Ottawa.  Link from Spence via Deb.  Here is a delightful excerpt from Deb’s email…

Dear Allegra:

On the subject of bridges … did you hear about this.  Tonight at 8:00 p.m. Ottawa time (it’s 6:41 pm now (actually it’s 7:55 there now so the fun will commence any minute)), the Queensway will be closed.  The bridge at Island Park will be removed using some engineering wonder from Europe and a new bridge put in its place.  I think the whole operation will take 14 hours.  First time this equipment has been used in North America!!

Jim and Spence (may they be blessed) are so excited.  Spence suggested Jim and I take our folding chairs down and watch this magnificent event.  Oh, by the way, don’t ask men “… so where will they put the old bridge until they can break it into small pieces and take it away OR if they put this bridge on the ground to break it up mightn’t it cause the ground under it to collapse.” because the answer I got was an exasperated “you’re missing the whole point”.

Amen, sister….. Missing the point is my SPECIALTY.  Because I’m a gurl.

I have Spanx

and other irrelevancies.  “She” – the proprietor of the Quay Lingerie store on 6th –  said it would take off a dress size; what she neglected to mention was that the set of far from graceful undulations by which one achieves ingress to this garment is what will take the pounds off.  You’ll be sweating with equine effect by the time you’re into it.  I wore it out of the store, I was too exhausted to take it off.
I also purchased an outfit for Sin City.  It’s black and red and meets the minimum criteria.
I’d like to alternately scold and shout out for Keith; he told me and Mike to come by when Janice was sleeping over – at best thoughtless – BUT he did fork over all the remaining Strangers in Paradise which Mike hadn’t yet read, very appropriate since it was Mike that got all of our family (excluding Paul, he never warmed to it) into Strangers in Paradise in the first place.

My hairs have been cut.  I’m wearing a disturbing amount of sealant, tamer, and other assorted mop mung.  Now for more laundry, a brief nap and later, pho on Kingsway.

Weekend continues

Mike appeared looking like he could use a break from plumbing issues.  How many weeks has it been since the drainage went verklemt in the old place?

I need to do laundry, like instantly.  Fortunately Mike, who decided to crash on the sofa last night after slaughtering the last beer, is up so I can start.  He and Paul got on the phone and I must say the part of the phone call I overheard was most entertaining as it had to do with making beer.  Otherwise my conversation with Paul went quite well, and we continue to mosey through the last ten percent of the separation agreement with high levels of communication and trust.  Although not a lot of speed – I’ve been overly engaged in my social life and not sticking to my best interests.

Note to self- make sure people are parked downstairs in the secured lot on weekends.
I sent flowers to Catherine’s mum, who is about five weeks post op, and I send her a special hug.  I will share why this is the case off line with my earflapping posse.  Tact came late to Allegra, but it’s still a welcome thing.  The flower people called me to tell me that the flowers would be not exactly as shown and a day late, but I told them I authorized them to do what was necessary and they are supposed to show up today.
I gotta get daughter Katie’s (and my) passport apps in. And now I gotta run, period, because I’ve got two hours to get some food and get into New West for my haircut….