(link removed for security reasons) What a greeting.

Scroll down to the video and watch it.  Normally cats do NOT give returning owners this kind of rapturous welcome.  And there are rather a LOT of cats in this video.

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6 thoughts on “o….m….g”

  1. Right. All-rapturous, all the time. More than a rational person could handle, I think. Hence a certain want of rationality may be inferred.

  2. Well put Nautilus3. I am excluded from making comments as I guess I have 70-80 budgies in my house. At sunrise, they begin their cheerful babble, I think it’s wonderful. Most house guests don’t enjoy awaking to this at 5:00 a.m. or whatever time daylight dictates!

  3. Cats and budgies. No comeback, really. We have many thousands of BOOKS, but they require little care and generate little mess and virtually no odor. They make a different kind of demand entirely.

  4. Nautilus3, for all the money we have poured into our aviary, I wish I had been taking courses at university, joined outdoor clubs, bought books or saved the money!! I love the birds, but they are SO much work for us AND neither one of us wants to do it anymore.

    Loki, I wonder if that woman would have gotten the same greeting without the sprinkling of treats!! Of course, just the expectation of treats would probably invoke the same reaction in the cats.

    At the very least, she probably doesn’t have to worry about any rodents! Again, I’m thinking of your wharf rats story!

  5. Indeed. The multiple specimens of Rattus norvegicus which met their death at our hands had no opportunity to pass the word, but the smell of cats thereafter did the trick. We left seven cats for the landlord when we departed.

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