Now know snow – must go

I am contemplating the precipitation and thinking I wish I did some form of winter sport that involved snow rather than ice.  Because, dear friends, there’s rather a lot of it.  To quote the Caleban in the Frank Herbert Jorj X McKie books, “Low temperature and much moisture”.

Unfortunately I must now pack and get out of here to go to the ferry, and first I have an appointment right downtown at 9:30.  Must… drink… coffee. And I will hope that when I get off this blessed hill, the precip is rain rather than snow, so the Vancouver drivers are just regular, rather than supercharged, idiots.

I am looking forward to seeing the folks, though, and Jeff and Granny.

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2 thoughts on “Now know snow – must go”

  1. Allegra, I recommend that you take up skiing. You can usually get a package that includes, say 10 lessons (private or group), the lift pass and the equipment rentals for the day. By the end of the lessons, you should be doing pretty good — it’s a great source of interesting exercise, fresh air and extraordinary scenary (I’m talking about the lakes, trees, mountains and snow, although the other type of scenary is interesting too). All that AND “Apres Ski” parties at the bottom of the hill.

    So far we have lots and lots of snow, but there is a small blip where the temperature goes above 0C and rain is in the forecast. I hope the forecast will change or the rain will just miss us.

  2. My back (wa wa) my balance (which entirely sucks) and my unbelievable fear of falling are all sitting upright, hair on end and eyes staring. I have fallen twice in the last six months, as I go back and read my blog, and I am not interested in taking it up as a hobby. Walking. Walking is the best thing.

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