I have been waiting for months for ‘a conversation’ with somebody so I can get over a really interesting and intense part of my life.  I had that conversation last night, and I am so relieved, I can’t believe it.  I even predicted to someone in the phone conversation immediately prior that it would be happening soon – ha!  I should hire myself out as a sibyl. (Thanks Kopper…) 

Now I can pack! I had been resisting packing, and now I can pack.  And I’m picking my bike up tonight.  I’ve decided I’m riding it back to East Van, which may be six kinds o’ insanity with a side of fries, but I don’t care.

I went home sick with a migraine yesterday and I’m still feeling a little queasy and a little ‘odd’ – almost but not quite dissociative – but frankly the emotional lightness I feel right now is making up for all of it.

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