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FINALLY – after literally months – I got together with Katie K in her ‘impressively staged’ condo.  Why, when I recollect what it looked like the last time I was there…. okay, maybe I’d better rephrase that.  There is virtually nothing in the condo.  I mean, a hotel suite has more furniture in it.  The repulsive colours on the walls are now amazingly similar to the Dusty Roads Paul and I painted the Augur Inn (note, that was really Unca Dave who painted it), and the hunter green carpet is now the same laminate flooring Paul and I put in the basement after the flood.  All in all, it looks lovely & you can actually see all the closet space, of which, given the size of the condo, it has a lot.  Yes, the condo is still for sale. Her new place closes in a month. Insert vicious comments about the horrors of getting a mortgage when you’re a woman on your own, bridge financing lamentations, etc., etc.

After we be trading smoking hot gossip and footrubs (when, pray tell, are footrubs NOT in order?) she got a thoughtful look on her face and showed off all the fancy lingerie she got in Vegas (okay, boys, you can all go to your happy place now) and she mentioned her weight loss, and then said, “Try these on” so I now have a really nice fitting pair of Gap jeans and the knowledge that Katie K is a size smaller than me.  At least in the ass department.  I’d need a really venal plastic surgeon to be able to approach the magnificence of her balcony. There followed a discussion about shipping ourselves off to a fat farm for a month next summer, this summer being jammed full of other things as well as almost over.  Maybe I should just get my jaw wired shut; it would get me off the phone at work, my brother wouldn’t have to listen to my yammering, and I’d quit eating as if I had a tapeworm.  Mm, tapeworm.  I could always try that too.

Jeff and I had considered going to the Harlan Ellison biomovie at Cinémathèque but when I got home from Katie’s we just looked at each other and went meh.  Then more NCIS.  Pretty soon Season 3 will be all gone, so we’ll have to go back to watching movies.  With respect to NCIS, I have noticed some really glaring continuity errors, and I’ve finally warmed up to Michael Weatherly.  The Ziva character, of course, is wonderful.

I woke up to “Young Dumb and Crazy” playing in my head, with full 60’s style accompaniment, kinda a cross between Nelson Riddle and Bert Kaempfert (aaaarrrrgggghhh!) and some beardless tenor wailing out the lyrics.  Let me tell you something.  You know how you can get a song stuck in your head?  Try having written the damned thing, c’est pas un cadeau.

Spoke to Paul yesterday about kid stuff.  I am so happy to be able to communicate with him reasonably well about the important issues without being all hissy towards him.   Human communication is such a fragile thing.

Today, laundry.  And other cleaning matters…..

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5 thoughts on “Katie K”

  1. fat farm? Aren’t farms where things are grown? You wanted more fat?

    I’ve been on the RDL &C regime, and am hitting sz 12 about Wednesday (like the sz 14 bathing suits need a rope to hold the bottom up).. That and blood type diet for 2 years. The inflammation is gone from eating things I cannot digest.

    Seeing as I am in a no media (except inernet) situation, WTF is NCIS? OK, you can all laugh now.

    Actually, I figger you would do very well to choose food by blood type. Your back pain may actually relent. Mine is gone. You know I have had severe body pain, stomach migraines, and in spite of my mindfullness and logic, mood swings. Just as with Dale Robertson, corn can provoke a Jekyll and Hyde experience (but gentle, I don’t use knives or artillery), and make it impossible to wear a bathing suit. Wheat makes my guts concrete, especially a risen bread the yeast complicates things, chicken is upper back, pork lower and takes 5 days to resolve

    Lamb makes me wake up refreshed after 2 20 hour shifts on the 3rd morning (you know I am talking about the 84 hour long weekend shift at RDL & C). I don’t just push paper and talk to people, right? Like, I lift boats and furniture/appliances and pick up garbage and wheelbarrow things around and dispense firewood as well as phone internet paper….

    Pain gone now after 25 years, fat comes off body, and I sleep like a teenager whenever possible. My body is finally gettin a chance to finish growing, after having my digestion blocked as soon as I came off the boob.

    Ok, off the soapbox

  2. Allegra, sign me up if you decide to go to the fat farm — I would like to loose 15 to 20 lbs.

    Chipper, do you mean you are getting taller or filling out with the Blood Type diet?

  3. Oh my god, we could have such a great time, all getting skinnier at the fat farm… a humorous term for a place to lose both money and fat! Or we could just wait for food prices to skyrocket and do it that way.

    Just about all humans have allergies, but they express in different ways. Because my allergies growing up could only be treated by the antihistamines of the day, and my reactions to antihistamines were so violent and ‘psychological’, I determined to suffer through allergy season without seeking treatment.

    Now I have about six weeks of the year during which I really wish I could blow my eyes and sinuses off my face – that would show them – but the rest of the time I’m fine. I am not going to stop living with cats just because I am mildly allergic to them.

    With respect to food, it’s a little more complicated. I’m prepared to believe a LOT of people in this country are allergic to soy, wheat, peanuts, etc., but I don’t see any evidence that the allergies, which impede food absorption by a bewildering variety of mechanisms including making the gut wall too porous or too thick, have anything to do with blood type. When the dude who wrote the blood type books chooses peer review over Japanese talk shows to get his point across, that will be great…. except of course when it’s accepted medicine nobody will pay attention to it because it’s now allopathic treatment. Hm. Hm. Can’t win. Except …if the diet works to make you feel better that’s all it needs to do.

    I will never forget, Chipper, your description of going to the hospital with a splinter in your eye and getting shat on from a great height because you weren’t taking any drugs except coffee and nicotine and the medical personnel ASSUMED you were ‘lying’ or ‘forgetting’ about the prescription drugs you were on. Shouldn’t you be on at least one blood thinner, one anti-depressant, one hypnotic, one thyroid pill???? And then being told you didn’t really have a splinter.

    So if anyone wonders what allopathic medicine has done for Chip lately, the answer is not much of use, except to serve as a bad example, and as her friend I’ve been watching this go on for a quarter century; it’s not anybody’s imagination and now that she’s getting emergency care in a small town in Ontario I can only pray she stays as healthy as she’s been.

  4. We are all different. We come to know which foods disagree with us. Even Jim who has a gut which I believe is made of stone (and can digest fatty German sausages and live entirely on meat), does not tolerate milk — Jim is Type O. I don’t have a problem with the blood types approach — the various blood types are mutations off the one and only original blood type O — survival of the fittest for various blood types under different dietary conditions. I assume if we worked backward from the good food list from each blood type and tested for various mechanisms and enzyme production we might find correlations with blood type.

  5. It was a pine needle, not a splinter. It took 2 years for the pine gum to fully dissolve in my eye and all the little pieces to come out. Every new moon my eye put out another shred, now finally gone and I can wear contact lenses again.

    The emergency care here in the summer is good because there are interns on contract at the local hospital. The local docs are even worse than what I encountered in the city.

    You know I had serious back pain for years, from the age of 24. It is gone now, with my change in foods. If I eat these things that are on my avoid list, one at a time, I can feel what happens, which pain is produced. These are gut pains that refer to other areas of the body.

    Also, you haven’t seen me for years, and don’t know I topped 200 lbs while on a medical nutritionist’s program. I am not allergic to soy, it is a poison in my system. That is the last interaction I am having with medical people until my mind is signed off. She damn near killed me. Between the body pains and low energy and buillding toxicity in my blood stream, I became even more depressed. I was eating about 1500 calories a day and getting bigger and bigger…now I eat about 2500 and get smaller and smaller and fitter…
    and now I will shut up about it again

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