Off to breakfast with ScaryClown et krewe

I’m looking forward to it. ScaryClown calls Locus ‘oh so trendy’ and I just love pulling down the tone on places like that. A slender 20-something MainSt hipster I am so not; although, candidly, Keith and ScaryClown could pass for that if they wanted to.

Jeff and I have taken some pretty funny pictures of the cats. There’s one of Giz sitting on the back deck by the wet & slippery stairs, with rain pouring down, and we want to caption it I HATES RAIN.

Did I mention il pleut? Very steady, but not super hard.

I light a candle for the house selling luck of Katie K. She had a deal, but it fell through, and she’s already bought a house (not far from here, wOOt) closing in September.

I light a candle for Paul, who called last night and said something very nice. Jarmo said it would be 18 months at least before things stabilized, and he was absolutely right; trust the man who’s been there.  I said something nice back;  it’s fine to admit that things weren’t always terrible, especially if you don’t believe in feuds.

I light a candle for Katie and Keith and their studies in the fall. I so want to go back to school and I always get that way this time of year. No clue what I’d do yet.

I light a candle for Patricia – I had SUCH a good time at her place with Leanne on Tuesday. It was a memorably funny, and cheesy evening.

I light a candle for my mOm, who is feeling somewhat surrounded by all the family history work she took on when she went to the family reunion earlier.

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