In the end, only family came – and it was a great party. I am including Katie’s new squeeze, Paul, Dr. Filk and Peggy as family, of course.

Lexi quite rightly ignored the stricture about no gifts and gave me …. Well, let’s just say I squealed like a particularly happy pig when I saw this l’il guy…..

Sometime in the impossible schedule that is that of a new mother she ALSO found time to make a cake of such impenetrably chocolately denseness and yet such airy texture that the remains are now being examined by particle physicists as a possible proof of the existence of dark matter.  I think the bastids’ll just eat it when I’m not looking so I’m leaving Jeff to guard it.  Hm.  Better think about this further; leaving Jeff to guard chocolate does not have the earmarks of a cunning plan.

And here’s me; I’m listening to Rob, but Darwin’s got his eye on his mOm.