Reason’s Greetings

This, apparently, is the new atheist slogan for the dark time of the year.  I like it!

Tonight, Mando lessons; tomorrow, dinner with the Luddite and hopefully a trip to the steam room.  I could sure use to soak my bones in something warm.

I am really trying hard NOT to think of France. I’m a rotten traveller, I hate airplanes, I nearly died in a plane crash once and I keep thinking of the two or three minutes of sheer terror as the plane falls from the sky.  I’m not skared of being killed, I’m scared of being scared.  Also, I don’t want to pack because it just reminds me I have crappy clothes and I’m going someplace where I’m literally twice the size of the average woman so even if I want to shop it’ll be like going to f*cking Richmond to pick something up at a mall (pitying stares as I look for something larger than a size 8).  My back is hurting so scandalously these days that I’m thinking of saying screw it and getting a prescription for painkillers.  There’s all kinds of stuff I can’t take on a plane so I am going to have to break down and buy regular deodorant (which I loathe) instead of using my homemade stuff, which smells nice on me and doesn’t leave a nasty residue.  There’s a whole long litany of other stuff which I would sincerely like to vent about, and would be well advised not to as probably, tomorrow, I’ll be fine. If I’m not fine, then I would at least have found something different to whine about.

Katie DAMNED WELL better go to school today.

I feel like that giraffe in Robot Chicken.  Enough in-jokes, it’s time to start the day.