My list for today

Biscotti – the making of.  INCLUDING videoing the process and putting it on Youtube.

Putting away my laundry, blech.

Vacuuming my room.

Finding a cenotaph (yes, in this rain) and doing what I have never done in my adult life, which is honour the Canadian dead of various foreign wars.  After considering my options (thank you, Miss 604!) I’ve decided that by far the easiest to transit to is the Victory Square Cenotaph, in the shadow of which I changed into my Scientology protesting clothes, making it dovetail neatly with other aspects of my misspent life.  It’ll get me out of the house, anyway.

Messing around some more with the Garage Band software.  I’m now working on something that sounds like an explosion in a calliope factory.

In other news, a lot of scrap metal is radioactive, and it ends up in recycled products.  Get your Geigers running!

In other news, the Phoenix Mars lander is dead.  RIP little guy, you were the best of your kind!

In other news, Jeff is off to Victoria for a few days and I will be back at work tomorrow.  Excelsior!