It has suddenly occurred to me that I Don’t Want to Go To France.  I want to stay in bed for two weeks.  However, life will likely hand me that kind of vacation in the form of a dire illness at somepointinmylife so maybe I should just do a tarot reading for the trip to France and see if I can apply some mellow to my pre-travel jitters.

Gee whizzickers spirit of the Tarot, leave the rebukiness at home wujja?

Anyway the tarot reading said, and I paraphrase “Don’t be such a ****** wuss; it will be a great trip, there will be great spiritual benefit and you will return in triumph.  Are you nuts?  Do you think you don’t deserve a trip like this?”  With (harrumphing) a side of references to self-delusion and feeling lonely.

I tell people I got the world’s most no nonsense tarot deck and they don’t believe me.  I still can’t believe my last reading for Tanya; she asked for a blind reading (no question, and no cues for the reader) and at the end of it, I said, “I will stake my reputation this reading isn’t about you at all – this is about your brother”, because she’s been really concerned with his fate, of late.

Anyway, I’m slowly going through the checklist.  I feel better though; I know it’s ludicrous and after all what would I have done if it had all been death and destruction (which was Tanya’s reading…).  How can I possibly reconcile reason and the tarot.  I guess I’ll have to sit down and work through the rationale at some point.  I’ve tried in the past but I think I need to take another stab at it; please expect references to string theory and archetypes.

In an hour Jeff and I are off to Petcetera… kittehs HONGRY om nom nom and muts be fooded!  Here’s Gizmo grabbing the mike to sing Bella Chow.