Hella wind right now.

The house is shaking on its foundations and the branches are all sighing and whistling.

Watched Margot at the Wedding.  Lots of lying and yelling.  Jack Black saved that movie from B+ TV movie mediocrity.  The kid who played Claude was so cute I wanted to pocket him.  Nicole Kidman’s accent wandered the screen like a drunk man’s fancy. Everybody else was reasonable and in good order.

Singing into the can for $5

Last thing before I went to bed last night I had a song in my head, and instead of doing what I normally do which is not record it, I did.  I listened to it again this morning and all I want to do is harmonize to it.  I can hear it done jazz combo style, snare, upright bass, tenor sax and piano.  Smooth!

Off to the Penny and Hastings Steam & Sauna last night with the Luddite, who is much the same as always, only more so.  Then home in time to watch some Robot Chicken with Jeff.  The Steam joint alas had no music, which I’ve come to expect, but it was a lovely chance to warm my bones all the way through and also take the single goofiest picture of me ever.  I ended up looking like that guy on Babylon 5 – but don’t expect me to post my pic from last night, it’s that very bad.  Apply in person or via email and I’ll forward a copy, but be prepared – the expression on my face is…. a little over the top.