snowpocalypse NOW! REDUX! … ad nauseam

Environment Canada saith:

10 to 20 cm of snow expected tonight and Wednesday.

This is a warning that significant snowfall is expected or occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.

A pacific frontal system will approach the British Columbia coast tonight bringing snow to the area. Total snowfall amounts of 10 to 20 cm are expected tonight and Wednesday. The snow will taper to flurries Wednesday night. Strong winds will also develop as the system approaches and visibility will be locally reduced in blowing snow.

Arctic air will continue to push through the coastal valleys and inlets producing very strong northeasterly winds giving wind chill values below minus 20 for the inland sections of the north and central coast today.

I don’t mean to be inhospitable, but Jeff, stay the hell in Victoria an extra day!  It’s supposed to rain and snow and blow on Christmas, which means that ferry cancellations for icing and wind that day are possible, maybe even likely.  I will take good care of kitties. 

And until the weather resolves out to rain, I am not coming to Victoria; to be clear, unless it’s raining Thursday morning I’m staying hunkered down in Vancouver. I may come Sat/Sun instead of Fri/Sat, and I may or may not bring Katie.

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3 thoughts on “snowpocalypse NOW! REDUX! … ad nauseam”

  1. here in Ontario it’s snowmageddon. We have practically the same weather as you. Isn’t that special. A little more fine tuning on the system, and the climate change phenomenon can be used as warfare

  2. It looks like the buses are running. I’ve been trying to log in remotely with no success. I think I may have to go to work…..

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