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I sang Careless at the housefilk and Carly asked me for the tabs.  I may turn into a musician at this rate.  A lot of people love John’s songlist.

I can now sing, or sing and play When you’se a viper, Careless, That godforsaken Hellhole, Long Black Veil, 2&20 Blues, A Christmas Carol (Tom Lehrer), A Fierce Unrest (Don Marquis and Ananias Davisson),  Absolutely Bonkers (Brenda Sutton Three Weird Sisters), Acts of Creation (Cat Faber), Ain’t No Cure For Love (Leonard Cohen), Anna Marie, Cats in the Dawn (Heather Rose Jones), Clem’s Song (Just Call me Clem, Allegra Sloman), Columbus Stockade Blues (actually I got John singing that!),  Demon Java (Steve Key/David Goldfinger), Dirty Movie (Steve Sajich), Don’t Go Looking For Trouble (Steve Goodman), History is Made By Stupid People (The Arrogant Worms), Honky Tonkin’ (Hank Williams), I Can’t Get Over You… (Nate Bucklin), I Pop Pills (Nate Bucklin), I Will Not Sing Along (Actually it’s called the Anti-Singalong Song), I’ll Fly Away, I’ve Been All Around This World (and GOSH did I like Creede Lambard’s version at the housefilk), Jack Frost, Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon, Let’s Go Down to the Water (Willie P Bennett), Livejournal Shanty (Brooke Lunderville), Lost Highway (Hank Williams), Mind Your Own Business (Hank Williams), Nessie, Come Up (Dr Jane A Robinson, the singing paleontologist, who is now James as of 2004), Never Set the Cat On Fire (Frank “You Scum” Hayes), No High Ground (Leslie Fish), One Meatball, One Time Only (Tom Paxton) which I also think that I encouraged John to learn… and nautilus3 and Loki will remember it well, Paint me A picture (David Essig), Paradise (John Prine), Pornographic Pictures of Queen Victoria, Ramboing, Rastus Brown, Show Us The Length (Bob Bossin), Some Other Planet (Joe Hall), Tapioca Song (Allegra Sloman), That Godforsaken Hellhole I Call Home (Austin Lounge Lizards), The 20th Century Is Almost Over  (Steve Goodman), The Jig of the One-Celled Organisms – anon, but John and Paul taught it to me, We Didn’t Know – Tom Paxton, The Word of God (Catherine Faber), Horizontal – Original Sloth Band was who he learned it from (Ken Whitely) but no idea who wrote it.

And I keep updating the songlist, because man o man he knew a lot of tunes.

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2 thoughts on “Lovely email”

  1. I desire ardently to hear Pornographic Pictures of Queen Victoria, which I am utterly innocent of.

    I remembered more songs.
    Hallelujah, I’m a Bum
    God’s Song (That’s Why I Love Mankind) / Randy Newman (Oh man, he played it to shocked silence at the ecumenifilk on Sunday morning at GAFilk 2006, having walked in to the room just /after/ the “No bashing songs!” rule was announced, not that that would have stopped him.)
    The Lucky Ones / Willie P.
    Polar Bear’s Ball / James Gordon (currently in the list as “Can’t remember title – about polar bears in Churchill)

    And “World Inside the Velveteen” isn’t a Kathy Mar exactly – it’s us mashing up the words to Steve Savitzky’s World Inside the Crystal (which John also covered) to the tune of her Velveteen. (which he did not.)

  2. I’m selling pornographic pictures of Queen Victoria
    I’ll show you things that Albert never knew!
    I’m selling pornographic pictures of Queen Victoria
    And I’ve more of them than with which I know what to do.

    Tune to follow.

    Gosh darn, woman, I am not through all of Callie Hill’s corrections yet! I told her it would have to wait until after the move. She is in contact with Carrie- they really connected at the memorial.

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