My day so far

I slept on the couch last night.  Couldn’t understand why on earth I was so tired the night before, but the next morning when I could navigate my way to the can in the dark by the pink light being emitted by my forearms, I realized that tooling around half the day with Mike with the top down gave me some serious sun.

So what did I do?  Kopper and I ran away to Wreck Beach (or were conveyed there by shuttle buses, which magically arrived and departed without any waiting time) and I got more sun, but we had water.  I bought one beer and consumed it in one foaming draught, since when he said “Ice cool beer” he meant it and in that sun it would warm at the speed of thermal radiation.

We got crispified lightly and then went to the Japanese restaurant at Main and Broadway (I am in raptures about the food, it was amazing, and exactly what my mouth was ready for)  and then went to Commercial Drive and parted company in the concourse there…..  Sigh.  It was a fine old elephant flapping we had, and of course she’s in way better shape than me despite her heart scare a few years back, since she actually works out three times a week and eats properly.  Oh, I forgot to mention she cooked me breakfast, cause she was just starting to cook it when Jeff dropped me off this morning.