Cthulhu is coming

Earthquakes, giant squid. Where will it all END?

Blasted through the entire first and only season of Lucy the Daughter of the Devil. The IMDB link is not particularly useful, so I’m not posting it.  ScaryClown has been trying to get me and Jeff to watch it for, like, a year, and now I have to say it’s so funny and so disgusting… and I really like the style of animation.

I made cinnamon buns yesterday.  Keith really enjoyed the sensation of walking into the house.  He promptly ate a few.  Jeff said they were the best ever, but he ALWAYS says that, it’s a joke really.  That said, they were damned good.  I was supposed to mow the lawn but ducked out of it.  I will do it today.

The locksmith comes today, and that’s good, because the locks in this house are shite, what with the doors having been kicked in a couple of times.

Jeff wandered around the house testing all the outlets. Almost every outlet in the house was wired in backwards; some were sideways, even, and a couple were upside down.  My role was to yell whether it was on or off (the lights in the tester) while Jeff turned breakers on and off to prevent untimely electrocution (although timely electrocution, in my view, is more the province of lightning than AC provided by BC Hydro.  I mean, after all, people have been cured of a wide variety of ailments subsequent to a lightning strike.  But I digress, as usual.)

The most recent True Blood was fabulous (Alan  Ball wrote this one) and much funnier than normal.  Vampire Bill gets a couple of good lines.

I found a letter that somebody hates me wrote to me three years ago and I THREW IT OUT.  After defacing it, of course.  I have actually been throwing my writing out, too, which is good, because a lot of it is baggage, crap and nonsense.  The good stuff I do keep.

Found the lyrics to Bob Dylan’s New Year’s Day and wrote it down; found the SF story I wrote (with Michael Bishop’s markups all over it, o joy) & now I have to a) enter it because of course I don’t seem to have the original soft copy and b) get it whipped into good enough shape that I can start sending it out.

Atheist liturgy is coming along nicely.  Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote some very nice stuff about atheism and I scarfed some for a reading.  Didn’t know AE Housman was an atheist either; there’s some good stuff in there.