Busy day planned

First, over to Planet Bachelor for a council of war about the kids’ employment.  At 1, Tanya and Battery and Tre are coming over (I haven’t seen a babby that small in a long time, and I’m much looking forward to it).

And to round the day off… Night Market!  with Mike!  And almost for sure Keith, and maybe Jeff if he’s feeling up to the mob scene.

And between now and the time I leave for Planet Bachelor, I must list not left or right but make a list and get on with it, because although I did ALL my laundry yesterday – and line dried it – and hung it up – and mowed the lawn – I still have papers and crap spread all over the house and it doesn’t look very welcoming at the moment.  Jeff is maintaining a discreet silence – he knows that eventually I will tame the mess.

Jeff set up the air conditioner yesterday, it was really necessary.  Today looks solid overcast so it should be much cooler.