Just, like, you know, don’t loan me anything.

Who loaned me Ceedo on a white Lexar thumbdrive?  Now I have to send emails out, grump grump.  I know it’s not mine and somebody is probably annoyed with me right now because I haven’t given it back.

Marylke and Bareld’s meal was of uniform excellence in setting, food, company and weather.  Stupendous.

The cats are all acting nutty, especially the Giz.

Today is shaping up to be the kind of day I envisioned when I quit

I gave up on Grieg – and got Give Me Five, Give Me Ten done in 1 hour flat.  Then Alex and Darwin (and his IMMENSE font of charm, appetite and ENERGY) came for a visit and we played in the park and it was merveilleux.  Later today I’ll wander over to Planet Bachelor and Paul and I will go to an Indonesian dinner at Bareld and Marylke’s.  (Fellow churchgoers… and it’s somebody’s 50th b day so I will have to ensure I have a proper card for the occasion.) Keith and Jeff will probably get together to replay campaigns or kill zombies or such like.

The weather is of unexcelled glory, the expression on Gizmo’s face the first time he saw Darwin was priceless, and all is as it should be, most wonderfully.

I can haz video of Darwin playing with a three and a half year old girl although darn, I missed filming him getting his face licked by a very sweet and gentle Jack Russell terrier in the park (that was so funny).  When your kids are old enough to drink and be cynical with, how fast we forget their marvellous baby playfulness and those mischievous grins.