Dishes done, kitchen swept

(Jeff swept the kitchen); cd’s and dvd’s unpacked; more books unpacked; shower head completely installed; kitchen rugs washed and hanging to dry; Allegra admonished about leaving lights on; bills paid; mouse caught and released outdoors (thanks, whichever of the cats was responsible, but we currently suspect a Miss Margot /Gizmo tag team and while I am demonstrably capable of catching mice with my bare hands Jeff dealt with that too); phase adjusted sound system and new multimedia software admired; more clean laundry sorted and brought upstairs; more clothes sorted for going to Value Village; Allegra admonished about starting the dishwasher without turning the water on (you have to admit, it was cakebrained of me); Paul communicated with regarding Unca Dave going to Kelowna for further treatment; surprise money slapped into kid accounts; life is good, and slowly moving towards a fun evening of music and merriment and mastication with Tom and Peggy and possible others.

In domestic news…

waffles is served; composter is installed next to back deck; new shower/massager head 1/2way installed in upstairs bog; Honored Guests for barbecue (pork chomps, not them), hammock has been obtained and can be moved throughout the yard to chase the shade; Miss Margot is acting like her operation a week ago is not even a memory; Eddie has settled down; Gizmo is a cat among cats; and I feel finer than happy.  And Sunday, episode 4 of TrueBlood season II; so I even have something to look forward to besides finally finishing Grieg which has been open and staring at me for three days straight now.

Honored Guests are coming!! must clean house!!!  The house isn’t even too filthy, just disorganized (still) subsequent to the move.

Robohum & other diverse curiosities

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