Sunworshipping fun

Let’s see.

Katie helped me find my bedroom floor on the weekend.  Me happy.

I have finished another song “The weekend’s over” which I wrote for ScaryClown’s birthday three years ago.  I even learned how to use the ‘repeat’ notation in Songwriter, woo hoo.

Jeff hung the clothesline, which should save some money on electricity this year.  Still loving my compost bucket.

Gizmo got sprayed by a skunk this past weekend.  Freaked the hell out of me; he was on the back deck foaming at the mouth when I realized something had gone Terribly Awry; he still smells terrible and we’ll have to wash him and his bedding repeatedly, but at least the whole house doesn’t smell as bad as it did yesterday.

Watched Terminator III, some more Civil War, and a whole bunch of How The West Was Won yesterday.

And further to my love of sunbathing…. Good news, everyone!