Don’t take this seriously…

AC Grayling is the son of a bitch atheist who is writing an atheist bible.  In other words, he’s my competition.  (In my tiny, feeble, twitching mind.)  And really, he’s not my competition because he’s actually, like, a published author with a track record, and I’m just somebody trying to come up with 52 Sundays worth of atheistic bleating in book format to try to cash in on what I see as an atheist publishing gravy train.  Except that I really believe in what I’m doing, I just can’t help being po-mo about it.  And I can’t help thinking that atheists like Roger Waters ought to be incorporated into a liturgy, don’t you?  And there’s a big difference between an atheist bible and a liturgy, they are really complementary aren’t they?  See how fast my point collapses, like spaghetti after it hits the boiling water.

Anyway, he’s written a DANDY rebuttal to Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor’s attack on secularism, and here’s the link.

And speakin’ of atheists, have you seen Pat Condell’s latest?  It’s BRILL.