Free lawnmower! Rrrowr

birthingway (her LJ name) GAVE me a perfectly fine gas mower, so that potentially expensive matter has been put to rest.  We had a lovely visit.  I had previously advised her to put one of her kids in Purpose School, so this is my karma coming back at me… I hope.  I also did a small shop that turned into 129 dollars, but $20 of that was maple syrup, which has gotten quite expensive, and another $10 was butter, and another $10 was cheese, so these things add up.  Also, how did I end up with two kinds bacon in my hamper?  Oh well, I got flour, which I CANNOT run out of because then we no can haz wofls.  And waffles, candidly, are like currency around here.

Not much done on creative projects today except a tiny bit on Grieg, and a tiny bit on the atheist liturgy, but any day that includes saving $200 on a mower can’t be a toetle loss.  I also did the minimum daily walk – I walked back from Highgate and got pappadums and picture hangers (how gloriously and alliteratively Vancouver!) I am trying to get the strength together to get going to Kopper’s show tonight but my innards are warring with me.