Freshly written down

But more than ten years old.  Now, in all it’s disgusterpating glory, is one of the songs I am very very proudest of.  Company dump.  I wrote this for a coworker named Jamie with whom I worked at SR Telecom in Montréal.

Company Dump midi.  Sprightly, ain’t it?

Company Dump pdf of sheet music.  Mit Lyrics.

PLEASE PLEASE WIDELY REPOST THIS.  I want this to be the unofficial anthem of the Canadian Working Stiff by Christmas.

Anybody who wants to sing this  – even at a paying gig – doesn’t owe me a dime.  If you want to record it (a likely story) please talk to me; the moral right of my ownership is thus asserted.

In my wildest dreams, a ludicrously talented art school student decides to turn this song into a three minute video… I suspect it could be very, very amusing.

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