8 thoughts on “Junk DNA?”

  1. One of the science mags this week offered a probably route to understanding “junk” DNA. It seems likely that NONE of it is junk. I’ll track down the article if you’re interested…it has to do with micro-RNA.

  2. I’m thinking of bringing Margot. It’s insane, I know, but I’m thinking about it. She’s not a great traveller but she adjusts to anything very fast once she’s out of the car.

  3. I hope the furrball will be staying in your car whilst she is on the island. In the house she is liable to be vacuumed up, being mistaken for a medium sized dust bunny.

  4. I was actually planning on leaving her outside – the backyard is fenced and she’s used to staying out all night now. If she’s inside I’ll be following her around with a lint brush.

  5. Absolutely bring Margo! Inside or outside. But I think inside, at night at least. There are boogeymen in the forest.

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