Stay on good terms with engineers

Or they will f*cking KILL YOU. Or themselves, in this case.

I realized, reviewing my social calendar for the last few weeks, that it’s been pretty heavy on my rellies, and not heavy enough on cool boys who like to talk tech.  For this reason I called ScaryClown and invited him over for dinner.  Jeff was pleased.

He’ll be here late, as he’s got to go to BCIT first, but that is only one bus ride from here.  Now I contemplate what to cook, hoping for inspiration…. nah, I want chicken! That was easy.

Went to Shiloh 6th Avenue Church this morning to look at the space for the satellite service.  It’s a rather austere and functional room, but it’s still nicer looking and with a higher ceiling than Place Maillardville.  Peggy signed the contract for four months (one Sunday per month) of function space today.  Shiloh’s the church Suzanne goes to, so it’s all part of my insanely small world.  It was nice biking down there, but I was annoyed to discover that Neil Douglas’ shop doesn’t even open until noon these days.  I also checked out the menu at Olé Olé which made me instantly hungry.  I was thinking of biking all the way down to the new location of Renaissance Books but decided that was too much hill on the way back. I also thought of going to the Royal City Farmer’s Market.  But I won’t – I don’t like leaving the house when the dishwasher and laundry are running.

Margot is still in love with her toy.  Anything to get some exercise into that kitty.  I was telling Peggy last night that I’m looking forward to her first interaction with snow.  I bet she loves it.

Unca Dave’s “I’m not dead yet” partay will be the last weekend in September.

Carrie’s coming through town the third week in September on her way to see kids in Ontario.

Further news as events warrant!

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