Science roundup

I loves me some cheap mass storage.

I should probably bring the results of this study to Katie’s attention. Hair stylists and social services?

A great idea for cleanup of radioactive areas…. love the picture of the waldo.

I talk to the trees…. and now they’re actually talking back. No, not really, but that’s the way to bet.

Great, a Taser version of an elephant gun.

Brain, brain, go away.  The examination of and debate over male/female brain differences continues.

Creating your way to reproductive success.

Can I pat myself on the back for linking to the metal velcro article two days before boingboing?  I AM a trendspotter, after all.

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3 thoughts on “Science roundup”

  1. re: hair stylists. How does the Privacy Policy affect this? Seems to me our policy was a result of medical profession’s inability to guard their clients’ records.

    re: trees. The voltage phenomenon was first described in Secret Life of Plants

    re: reproductive success. If schizophrenia can be perpetuated genetically by 1% of the population, red hair is not doomed to extinction, as we are 2% and now that red heads are purposefully dating redheads we should see an increase. And, of course, everyone knows redheads are sexually charged, that’s why the hair colour was disdained for so long and used as the mark of whores.

    Go ahead and pat yourself on the back…but take the bondage cuff off first, you might hurt yourself

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