I need a 43 mm emotional wrench

Anyway, although cinnamon buns happened yesterday, as did laundry and a few other things, it was mostly taken up with somebody else’s emotional crisis.  Jeff, mOm and Tammy know about it, and I’ve got *plenty* to say, but it is not fit for public consumption and I’m just going to have to sit with all the feelings I have right now.

Prime Suspect is proving quite enjoyable. Otley, played by Tom Bell, once heckled the Prince of Wales at an awards dinner and almost scuppered his acting career in the process.

I have cleaned out the kitchen window over the sink and am contemplating another set of curtains.  I really want to put up tie-dye curtains but I can’t see Jeff going for that. Next maybe Mylar to keep the sun out.  As I posted on facebook:

Since I no longer have succulents growing in the kitchen window over the sink, I took down the wretchedly filthy gauze curtains and hand washed them and hung them outside, and removed a dead solar lantern, dust collecting glassware, godnoze how many dead wasps, about a jillion bread ties, and numbers of small, useless and unidentified broken bits of crap.

*Sound familiar?*

I have only decluttered half a kilo of junk but the difference to the kitchen is quite striking. Now I am contemplating the hole where the curtains came out and thinking I want to put up summer and winter weight curtains, gauze for winter for maximum light, and something made of ceramic for the summer, because that window gets like a blast furnace.