Happiness at home

So I am happy to be home.  In a few minutes I’m going to drive the rental car back.  Mike took me out to supper last night and we watched a bunch of hijabi women play beach volleyball from the balcony at Brooklyns. This was after a bunch of Punjabi guys were playing beach volleyball on the other court.

Vancouver is a really cool place, y’all.

Mike is planning a party for his birthday next month.

I was richly fortunate in being able to give Nita a ride to the ferry from Courtenay and thus had face time that I would have had no chance for prior to her nuptials.  She is one of the most wonderful and kind and intelligent people I know, and she cooked me Father’s day breakfast because I was playing gooseberry (Jan had left for work but I got up to hug her goodbye because she.is.awesome.

Breakfast as supplied by Nita (Jim helped, he can’t help himself) was home made refried black beans, mango salsa, chopped chives, gently warmed quinoa tortillas, crumbled goat cheese, perfectly ripe avocado slices and almost burned sunny side eggs, which I loved because every once in a while I really like chewy eggs.  I ate every single scrap on my plate and felt like life couldn’t be improved on. Then I got her to her appointment in Nanaimo with a princely two minutes to spare, and we just barely missed the ferry but that just meant I had another two hours to talk with her, what a shame, hunh? She is so beautiful she’s almost scary.

Wrote another no-lyrics song at Mike’s last night.  With a capo, can you credit it?  He asked me “how do you do that?” and I said, “Well I’m using mandolin chord forms and messing about on the guitar, but even I was surprised how fast it came out – I hardly touch a guitar at all these days unless I’m at Mike’s.

I told somebody this weekend that I’m the world’s most cheerful depressed person, and then I started thinking about a comic to go with that, and wished I could draw.

Right now, however, I just feel cheerful.

This song was sung at Gerhard’s memorial service.