I did not cook yesterday

Brekky out, lunch provided by Jeff and supper at Katie’s.

For whatever reason, Katie’s s/o didn’t join us for the meal, although he was there, watching TV very loudly, and then he left which makes the Mennonite part of my bones all sadface because sharing meals is the primate thing.  However Young Sir was in fabulous shape although he refuses to call me GiGi anymore.  I am now Zaza, and I told him most solemnly that he could call me anything as long as it’s consistent.  He is using lots more words, just not consistently, which is making his mama somewhat anxious.  He’ll be fine.

This time Katie booted us out; Alex was ready to party all night long but Young Sir needed a bath and a story and bed.  Keith joked “So he’s going to Bed, Bath and Beyond,” which I found quite comical.

Fixed the bug curtain for the back curtain by the simple expedient of sewing pennies into the bottom; I found a use for pennies!