the wonders of Qatar

A man has been arrested for entering Qatar with (and candidly, this is really hard to believe) in excess of 12 kilos of bacon packed in his ass. I’m not going to link to the site, but it shows a picture of the customs officials standing in front of the packaged bacon like it was a pile of seized cocaine. Also, it looks like 4 kilos of bacon to me, but what do I know.

He was selected for special inspection because he appeared ‘nervous and sweaty’. I am amazed he wasn’t ‘ruptured and lifeless’.

In other news the World Health Organization advises you to avoid any bacon which might make it onto the Qatari black market.


From the menu:

ling cod, mussels, Manila clams, oysters, prawns, crab & salmon in a lemon fennel tomato broth with toasted garlic focaccia bread

I have rarely eaten as fine a meal as Jim and Jan treated me to last night. The Atlas Café in Courtenay serves superlative food. Then we went and got growlers of Gladstone beer. I wish I could find work here!