If I can ever get a car

Never heard back from Avis, have no idea when I can get a car today.

Went to Ivy’s tea at church yesterday and took K, but she realized that she needed to be home, so she returned there.  Her dog waited by Jeff’s car.  I hadn’t realized she went everywhere in the car with her people and now K’s mum has passed and there’s no driving happening and she misses car rides.  Poor critter is not getting out for walks as much as she needs to either; she walks off leash but I had to put her on a leash since I knew she wouldn’t pay the slightest attention to me.

Anyway, the tea was absolutely delightful and I saw Rob, Tom, Peggy and sundry others and picked up coffee and chocolate.

I don’t want a dawg. Picking up warm dogshit is gross gross gross.