two pillows

Using fabric from mOm and fibrefill that I think also came from her I made two pillows today, one for the long suffering butts of Beacon (Christ those chairs are hard) and one for Mike for his birthday.  Since he doesn’t read my blog, he don’t know nothing about it. The one for Beacon is a brilliant gold, black and peacock, and much more stuffed and smaller in dimensions, and the one for Mike is tiedye, mostly purple, and understuffed, it’s sort of a combo beach pillow and meditation cushion.


Second surgery

Paul’s second surgery went great; he skipped the Ativan and so experienced more discomfort and less jolliness than usual (n of 1.)

Actually did some editing yesterday while I was waiting for him.

Today I have his car while he waits to get the eyepatch off so I’m going to do a Major Garbage Run and get rid of as much trash that’s lying around the yard as I can in one go, plus putting down more dirt on the front beds and if I’m feeling really ambitious more weedwhacking in the front yard, which candidly looks like a playground for dirt bikers and chafer beetles.

Margot and Buster are getting along really well, it’s cute to watch them interact.

Still haven’t done anything about video from Tuesday, hope to get to it today.