damn stairs

I will be attempting the Wreck Beach stairs today in my new orthotics so that should be painfully interesting. Mike’ll be by in a few minutes.

I practiced for hours on the mandolin today ( I was awake super early and then went back to bed.) I hope Mike’s packing the parlour guitar, I’m likely to be too clumsy to carry Otto plus my other junk.

Margot is purring next to me. She tried to watch videos with Buster yesterday but I sneezed and she ran away (she’s terrified and disgusted by sneezes which is funny since she sneezes herself all the time, snuffly wet sneezes, usually directly into Jeff’s face or ear.) Buster just ran into the room and he and Margot are having little kisses and bum sniffings all ’round.

I wrote 1500 words yesterday on a new story called “Relevant Criteria” about a medtech who’s got PTSD and his mysterious new girlfriend which is set in the “Cousins Letter” universe. Wow, I must be really desperate to avoid editing.