tried home recording THREE SONGS this morning but my accuracy is terrible and my intonation is worse, so rehearsing but no recording…. mebbe later. I have to record a version of Planets are people too – which I am wishing at this point to rewrite from top to bottamus as the scansion sucks golf balls down garden hoses.

I’m also working on The Wind Will Bear Your Name (the song is four fuckING LINES LONG and do you suppose I can find the injection point for the second line? round and round and round I go, it’s absofuckinglutely insane making.) I will get it eventually.

I well recollect the two days of bilious fury trying to get the count right for the chorus of Gelis and Nicholas, over and ber luddy over until I could do that nifty four counts three counts thing that just makes it zing rhythmically BUT I AM BACKWARD in the ways of percussion and just getting into muscle memory was a major undertaking. I feel sorry for Jeff though, if he was trapped in the john upstairs while listening to this sonic torture; there’s basically a hole in the floor between the downstairs guest room/music room and the upstairs john, so every howl, gargle, squawk and arhythmic repetition reverberates upward and dashes itself to death on the tiles.

Just got a call from Katie, where’s my wallet, possibly there. WITHOUT BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO OR OVERHEARING MORE THAN MY SIDE OF THE CONVO Jeff levitated upstairs and greeted me, as I’m talking to Katie about it, at the top of the stairs, wallet in hand. She’ll collect it after work.

I’m also working on The Seananverse. I’m sorry, but once you write the line ooo ooo how could things get worse/never ask that question in the Seananverse you’re obliged to write the rest of the song. I have settled on a key, and that the accompanying instrument is a guitar. More details as events warrant.

9711 words total so far on the best roommate chapter. (Cracks knuckles: hard stuff today. I have some tactical goals and a rough approach – full marks if you know where that quote is from.)

Song a Day – One of these days

Yes, another very short one. I wrote this back in the 1980’s when it was good advice. YOU KNOW WHAT? It’s terrible, simply terrible advice now. School is 10 to 20 times more expensive than it was when I was a kid and without intergenerational wealth it’s hard to get through a professional degree.

One of these days/You will see through the haze/ and then you will roll in clover/Until that time, you stay in school/Until the recession is over.