Hold Fast – instrumental

I wrote this while the mob occupied the Capitol building on the 6th and recorded it the next day so forgive the jammin’ roughies. Also the diminuendo is me, not a volume knob, so I’m quite taken with that.

Hold fast to the open society, we may not climb out of the next fascist hole as easily as we did with the fucking Nazis.

Look what kids we’re raising in Alberta.

A fine revolutionist

The reason I like Pyotr Kropotkin is because he started rich and made common cause with the poor; he was kind; he was a scientist; he didn’t believe that nature was evil.

Also, he wrote the article on anarchism for the Encyclopaedia Britannica, which I found hilarious when I learned it from the lovely and talented John Caspell. It’s possible that you, mOm and pOp have an edition with his writings.

20000 people came out to his funeral.



arise ye prisoners of doomscrolling

Did a small shop and made borscht. Paul came by with some of John’s filk books, and best of all was Peter Alway’s Introduction to Mountain Dulcimer so I now have a picture of one of my filk friends on a pamphlet about an instrument I own. I’m going to review it again today with the instrument in hand.

Chuck Norris was at the insurrection event in Washington. What a cruel and grasping individual.