Rosa Luxemburg

I like Rosa Luxemburg because she always was an independent thinker, and never actually toed anybody’s party line despite how clearly committed she was to socialist / communist ideals.

Her murder by fascists was celebrated across Europa by the enemies of freedom.

Bertolt Brecht had something else to say:

Red Rosa now has vanished too,
And where she lies is hid from view.
She told the poor what life’s about,
And so the rich have rubbed her out.
May she rest in peace.

The Happily Married Song

They say that it’s a sin to boast/well God can strike me dead/’Cause even when my day is toast/I got you in my bed/For skin and conversation/and comfort most serene/for dirty jokes and body work and everything between.

The years how they are passing/passing by the score/But I could never love you less and long to love you more/Champion, companion, conspirator and friend/As we were in the beginning, so we’ll be at the end.

This is a song of celebration to sing at weddings or as part of a Valentines or anniversary celebration.

well… what to say about this. Well, I wrote it for Tom and Peggy for a wedding anniversary of theirs back in the oughts and I’ve sung it at every wedding I’ve attended since I wrote it (three, I’ve been to three) with varying results. The response I got at the last two made it all worthwhile, because even though I wrote it for a cishet couple, it was very definitely and specifically written so that it will work for gay and non-binary couples, including couples who get dragon wings for wedding presents, although I don’t imagine asexuals will want to do anything but rewrite the lyrics at the first opportunity, although I do not specifically call out sex, just everything g-rated that happens with couples in bed. Good things this sucker’s not copyrighted honh? Mess with the lyrics all you like.

Also, I really can’t imagine mOm and pOp not understanding that this is pretty much always for them too. SNERRRRKKK must go off in corner and gently squonkface. Missed Maudlin Monday by that much.