What’s the best advice you ever got

In this inaugural Sunday Survey…

What’s the best advice you ever received? If that’s too big, how about

for your health?

for your relationships?

for your career?

regarding your creativity?

re your pets?

re your schooling?

re money?

re gift ideas?

from a dream?

from a book?

Now think about the person who gave you that advice, and think about how it was given, and if that had anything to do with why you wanted to take it.

Send a brief thanks out into the world in that person’s honour, and resolve to be that kind of person.

Song of the Day – Crazymaking Boy

So this is for Paul, and Mike, and Tom, and Katie’s singing in the background, and it’s off my album Mama’s Got Skills (Katie named it), engineered by Gord Breckenridge. I think that’s possibly the drummer from Fleetwood Mac on the prerecorded drumtrack.

This song comes very close to being commercial. Most of my songs do not even skirt around being commercial, being out in that big ol’ left field.

You are the one I’m plotting crime with
The one I’m spending time with
The one my senses rhyme with
my crazymaking boy

You are my hero from a fable
My supper on the table
My ready willing able

my crazymaking boy

Everything you do just comes out fine
I don’t know how you do it
I’m just glad I’m living through it
Everything you say just comes out fine
I’m in some new dimension
I guess I’d better pay attention

You are the pin that burst my bubble
My vision going double
Another word for Trouble
My crazymaking boy

You are the one who brought me fire
The one who pulled the wire
Personified desire
My crazymaking boy

Crazymaking boy…. X 8