this song is 30 years old… the recording as well

This song is about living in Toronto in the 80s.

Call out the word, see what it brings to mind. Some think of butterflies, and others think of guns. I would ask you to think about what freedom means to a child or a robber or an artist or a convent full of nuns. Chorus Freedom, you’re the most expensive thing. Against the weight of you, I must measure everything. Freedom, you’re the most expensive thing. You don’t just put your money down once, you keep on paying. V2 All along a boulevard of facts and fractal dreams, she’s a cynic, and she doesn’t hear the screams. All along a shoreline of corruption and debris, he’s a realist, and he knows what to see. Chorus All the little things that get magnified, pick your side, try to pretend the canyon isn’t really very wide. The poets have their message but it’s all couched in a lie, that we’ll overcome our differences, all we have to do is try. Chorus. My life makes its demands, the kids fall down and cry, friends arrive and food gets cooked and someday I will die. Freedom be my lover like a person not a thought, and anger me, and make me laugh, and make me life with doubt. Chorus.


This was one of John’s favourite songs of mine.

sure feels different in 2021

I miss him so bad right now. So bad. Love you man.


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