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Not sure why but everything is taking forever to load.

11568 on “Roommate”.

@janecoaston on twitter this morning “If I sigh any harder I will break something” and what a mood that is. Between her comments about college football, her political savvy and her writing ability she is someone whose tweets have been entertaining and informative above and beyond normal tweetage. She’s Black; her restrained and informed opinions about American racism have been my friends as I keep to the path of anti-racism.

Letters to Jan G and Dave D this am, well, if I ever finish his now that the internet’s up after the 4-7 am blackout period. FINITO yes now I have to roll down the hill to the mailbox.

Today: restringing Smokey so it stays in tune on Monday, calling the EEG clinic AGAIN… this time with my care card number, and planning pre-posts for Maudlin Monday, and marking down what songs got posted on what day so I don’t forget or duplicate one. Flower roll dough is in the breadmaker. Borscht from yesterday is marinating in its own excellence in the fridge.

I need my fucking ADD medication to deal with this, but until the EEG is read I can’t make a doctor’s appointment to get them, so that’s disappearing into the fog.

We got vegan breakfast cookies on our minisupplyrun yesterday and now I’m thinking I want to make them, they’re really surprisingly good.

Trained Buster this morning. As always he’s a lot more interested in run




treat oh Give me another one! than paw claps, but I got a respectable 6 paw claps out of him this morning.

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