Today, while the blossoms still — hey waitaminute

Today I’m going over to Planet Bachelor to assist with moving activities. I have no idea what form that assistance will take but something must be done. Called Keith last night and he said AFTER LunCH so that’s when I am going.

If Nancy Pelosi wasn’t such an aged and normative coward none of the shit in the US would have happened. Trump took advantage and Pelosi cheerfully let him.

Hey mumma! Tumblr screenshot. @bellezalatina: There’s a dish called “Rosca de Reyes”, it’s a cake with slices of fruit. Inside of it, they place a small baby shaped figure that represents baby Jesus. This year, in Mexico, people were selling the cake with figures of Baby Yoda instead of the baby Jesus. So, conservative groups are extremely upset about it, and are calling it a direct attack to family values and religion. So now, Baby Yoda is considered a LGBT icon for making furious those conservative, homophobic people.

Baby Yoda is messing with EVANGELICALS and CATHOLICS now.



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